Monday, September 26, 2011

felt beads!

Here's a crafy idea! Why not spend your first few days of Fall making felt beads? Mad and I actually did this during the last few weeks of Summer, if you're going to be picky about the details. It turned out to be a super fun project, and the products will probably be transformed into Christmas gifts in the very near future.

We made ours outside so I didn't have to mind where the water was dripping. I wasn't sure if Maxi would join in on the fun, so I wanted to be prepared to have a totally two-year old safe craft. Turns out felt bead-making is totally two year old safe, but not nearly as interesting as shooting at bugs with homemade water pistols, or seeing how far felt beads can fly when being flung into the air when no one is looking. Good thing he's cute!

There are so many good tutorials on how to do this that I couldn't choose just one to link to. Go ahead and google search felt bead tutorial, and click on whichever sounds good. It's a pretty easy art to master. I actually learned how to make them when I was in middle school and my brother and I were briefly involved in a llama 4H group... but that is another story for an entirely different time!


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