Thursday, May 26, 2011

my funny girl.

This girl, who loves to smother her brother with love, is growing up much too fast! She is far beyond her years in so many ways, that I love to savor the moments in which I am really reminded she is still just my little girl. Madelynn has recently (as in the last six months or so) taken interest in telling jokes. Knock-knock jokes are her favorite. So we told her an old joke that I figured would be easy to remember. This is the joke she told my mom a few days later. 

Mad: "Knock knock!!"
Grandma: "Who's there?"
Mad: "Salad"
(By now I was already trying not to laugh!)
Grandma: "Salad who?"
Mad: "Let me in, it's cold out here!!"

Of course, Lettuce is the one that was supposed to be knocking, as in "Lettuce in, it's cold out here!" I'm sure she'll start to catch on to punch lines soon, but for now her jokes are funny for other reasons. Another funny was just today when she ran into my room with her nose plugged and was frantically telling me that "Max ran out of gas!!" it took me much too long (I hadn't yet had my morning coffee) to realize she meant that Max had passed gas, which was definitely important information to pass along since Maxi has been working on potty training. I think she feels more let down by accidents than he does (though she's careful not to show it), since it was Mad who first started potty training him by sitting him down on the potty and sternly instructing him to "get busy!" just as Aunt Sami does with her guide dog puppy in training.

Oh my, am I ever blessed to be the mama of these sweet little ones! 

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  1. Something new every day with Madee! <3