Friday, April 22, 2011

wardrobe fix.

Sometime in the last few weeks I realized that unless I'm going to wear sweats to work, I'd better pull out my maternity wardrobe again. My little number 3 is sticking way out there already. The first thing I made, in hopes that I could stretch my current work wardrobe (get it?) a little further into my pregnancy was a belly band, using this tutorial. It worked pretty well, but turns out I just don't prefer layering on an extra piece of clothing. I wasn't confident enough that it would actually keep my pants up, and felt very self-conscious while wearing it. Good thing I didn't splurge a bunch of cash for a real one!

Hello 14wk belly!
(I'm sure my husband's recent baking spree has nothing to do with it)

Instead, I used this idea to sew a maternity panel into this pair of pinstriped slacks I've had for years and have never been able to zip. I basically just cut a tummy-shaped scoop out of the front of the pants. I put the pants on and used a crayon (like all the pro's do, right?) to draw where I thought I should cut. Then I sewed a double layer of stretchy knit fabric right into the pants. Ta-dah!!

 Here they are in action. I apologize for the next shot, I just wanted to show you how the panel actually fits.
Perfecto! Free maternity pants, since I already had everything I needed to "make" them in my closet. I was even able to throw them together in the morning before work and wear them the same day. (I use the term "morning" pretty loosely here. I don't actually go to work until 10:30)