Sunday, July 25, 2010

for baby g.

here is a sweet little knit i have been working on for months! these cute little overalls will be going to my nephew, who should be arriving just about any time. this was my first substantial project at such a small gauge, and i have to admit i was a bit discouraged at first with how slow it seemed to go (especially compared to the sweater i have been working on, which is knit in bulky yarn!) the pattern is called pepita, and i will definitely be knitting it again as soon as i have a proper excuse to do so. :)

here is a close-up of the mix-matchy buttons i picked out. i was going for a retro peas-and-carrots look. the yarn i chose is a knitpicks sock yarn, which i got on sale and had originally planned for another project, but couldn't resist knitting the pepita, as i immediately fell in love when i saw it.

i absolutely LOVE the way they turned out.

and after figuring out these sweet little feet, i am almost inspired to knit my first pair of socks!

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