Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a step by step guide.

how to enjoy a (relaxing!) summer day
1. let your kids play outside in their underwear until thoroughly tired.
2. put kiddies down for their (long) nap.

3. pick a shady spot in your yard, put a blanket down, and do some power napping knitting.
4. give in a take a nap.
5. wake up and wipe the drool off your cheek.

6. walk over to that giant-saved-because-you-thought-it-was-cool pickle jar that's been sitting on your counter.
7. make sun tea.
8. decide to call gramma for some sun tea encouragement (hey, she's from iowa, she has to be an expert, right?).
9. make dinner plans with gramma for tomorrow night. 

ahhhh, perfect!

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