Tuesday, August 17, 2010

funny boy.

maximus is to the point where he's really enjoying making people laugh. for example, he'll "fall" off the couch and when madelynn laughs, he'll keep the "fall" going by rolling on the floor. or, he'll put on his bike helmet in a cool new way thinking nobody's watching. and he'll look at us in a way that says, "so? isn't this funny, guys?" and of course, we all laugh.

and then he further adjusts...

...and ends up like this! and then we all REALLY laugh!

and then he runs away with his nose stuck in elastic of his bike helmet, knowing he is the coolest guy around.



  1. Well, he is good at it, just made me laugh too!

  2. Probably the funniest 1 year old around! he's so cool....