Saturday, July 24, 2010

children's artwork inspiration.

my nephew has been coming over nearly every day this summer, and it didn't take long for me to realize that when there is no inspiration behind making art, kiddos can go pretty quickly through an entire stack of paper with nothing but a few rushed scribble marks on each one. being drained of ideas and inspiration, myself, it was hard to think of new crafts. then i realized that kiddos are still very much interested in things that many adults don't think twice about. so last week i decided that we would simply trace our hands and feet and go from there. to my surprise, the kids were pretty fascinated with this simple task, and stayed entertained long enough for me to make lunch plus some. i thought the results were cool.

i thought it was funny that my very orderly nephew took his time to make both feet as similar possible, while my abstract thinking daughter turned her feet into some sort of monster. 

and here's a look at the green "cloud" i painted in our playroom to be our "art wall".

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