Sunday, March 7, 2010

we heart w.e.p.

the kiddos and i decided to show w.e.p. a little love while they're on tour by donning some sweet panic-wear that i embellished a little.

inspired by two new books i recently collected-- seams to me, and embroidered effects--i decided to do some hand stitching on a sweet shirt that adam barr designed for wide eye panic's tour. i love how it turned out!

then i turned one of my girly style tee's into a cute flutter sleeve tunic/dress for madelynn.

and finally, this is the feat i am most proud of. dana, over at made, has a couple of fool-proof tutorials. i used the one for the 90 minute shirt to make one of karl's shirts into a shirt for maximus. if i can do it, anyone can!!


  1. Those are awesome Carey...(how do I get one...) :)

  2. Good Job Carey...way to go you creative little thing.- the mom in law