Friday, May 15, 2009


Today was another b.e.a.Utiful day! After scrambling all morning and coming to the realization I was getting NOTHING done, I decided I'd better just choose to start enjoying my day. So that's what I did. I simply enjoyed my children. We snuggled. And colored. And enjoyed each other's company. After decorating some luminaries for my family's Relay for Life team, Karl and I headed down to the track to pick up Landon (my cousin Holly's little boy). I haven't had the gumption to participate in the relay this year, but I figure watching Landon while Holly captains the team is a decent contribution. Once we got home we had some SERIOUS playing to do, as Madelynn has been asking for a playdate/sleepover for quite a while now. Here are some things we were up to today...

we played with the bunny,

explored the backyard,

enjoyed some sweet s'more action,

and got pretty messy doing it...

...even Maximus was in on that! :)

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