Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I am super thrilled with this latest sew, mostly because I finished it. This is a dress I started way back when I was barely pregnant, but didn't account for things like a growing bosom and a gianormous baby condo, so I just kinda scrapped it. Lately I've been too flakey to follow a sewing pattern, but am not patient enough to try and learn how to actually make a pattern, so my sewing strategy has been to cut fabric sew some seams and pray it works... it's definitely not a frustration-free approach. But I finally had the gumption the other night after the kiddos were in bed to revisit this dress and see if it was something I could make work so my post baby body would have something to fit into for church.
I still have a lot to learn about fabric drape and such, and this probably wasn't the best fabric to use for this dress, as it wants to kind of poof out more than I had envisioned for the skirt. It's a light weight cotton that I picked up a few years ago on the cheap at JoAnn, and I love the subtle navy/purplish print. AND since I had to redo the side seams about 17 times, by the last time I did them I got a wild hair and decided to try adding pockets. They are SO easy, you guys!

I thought it was fun to pair with my favorite scarf and belt, and think it will go pretty well into fall if I layer on a cardi and some tights. 

Here's the pocket detail. I'm sure I didn't do it right, but I did my best to figure it out based on a plethora of tutorials I've read along the way. I was happy to find a fat quarter of a gold geometric print I had forgotten about in my stash, and love the fun of having contrasting pockets!

And finally here's the sweet baby who inspired the dress in the first place. He was just chillin' while daddy snapped the photos of my dress and I LOVE that Karl snuck in a couple shots of Nash. Cheeks! 

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