Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Progress... Sorta.

So far these boxes aren't unpacking themselves, and the right paint color for the majority if the house isn't revealing itself to me, but the kids rooms did get painted (colors of their choosing, which I love), the banister did get built (thanks to my awesome step-dad. Thank you again!!) half of the old and stinky kitchen cupboards have been lined, and we finally chose a color for our bedroom (not to mention all the scrubbing we did before bringing any boxes in). On the agenda for the weekend, before we peace out to attend an out of town wedding: stain the banister, sand down all the splotches of spackle (how were there that many holes?!), and paint the master bedroom. I'm dreaming pretty big right now...


  1. looks great! The kids did a pretty sweet job picking out paint colors :)

    1. Thanks! I was totally impressed with the kids' last minute color selections, as well... after we convinced Max that black wasn't an option. ;)

    2. He chose almost your living room color, didn't he?

  2. Black! Oh my. Then again maybe they would have slept really well with black out curtains...
    And yes he did which means when I paint my bedroom I may need the name of the paint you used :)