Wednesday, June 26, 2013

stuff {+giveaway winner!!}

In the spirit of making it a point to take time to consciously enjoy our family--that sounds silly doesn't it? but the truth is, its so easy to get too busy. Easy to get so wrapped up in details that really don't matter when you step back and look at the 'big picture', that you forget to just be--we decided to randomly go out for an early dinner at our family's favorite pizza place. Among other things, we really love that the kiddos get to play with these wooden pizza toys while the real ones they built are cooking! 

 We also love getting to see our baby learn to do things like this for the first time.

 And the second.

In other news, YOU won the giveaway. Please email me your info so I can get you your prize!
(carey . penn @ gmail . com)

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  1. A mom after my own heart! Your blog brings back lots of memories of when my kids growing up!