Wednesday, June 12, 2013

an old post

I just found this draft I had written back in early November and never got around to posting. Figured I'd share. We kept this up for a while, and it did really improve the attitude of my little miss. Hoping that after we move we can fit this back into our routine. Also important to note: this is definitely not the first or the last time I was highly inspired by my children to get crafty. ;)

Madelynn is in first grade. FIRST GRADE! I can hardly believe how fast the time goes, and I am amazed at how lovingly this girl has been in her role big sister to two little brothers. There are times when her life is unfair and she has to show what feels like too much patience. At the very beginning of the school year, she had had it. Being the only one in the house who had to get up early for school, meant we held her to her bed time more strictly, reminding her that when she was a baby sometimes she stayed up too late, too. And when she was a baby, she shared the bed with mommy and daddy, too. And when she was three.... yada, yada, yada. Those reminders didn't seem to help, and I noticed that my girly was losing patience more quickly with her brothers. Then, at the perfect timing I got an idea from a blog post I read (written by a wise mama), and I decided to start letting my little miss stay up one night a week to have some special time with just her and myself while the boys were put to bed by Daddy. The first night, she decided she wanted to revisit embroidery and together we drew up a pattern directly onto the fabric. Turns out, she really rocks the floss!

I was immediately inspired. The very next day I got online and purchased some embroidery patterns I'd had my eye on for quite some time (so fun, I also purchased the Ryan Berkley patterns. LOVE his work!), and got to work on this huge canvas tote I scored for a few bucks from the thrift store. It is still only half finished, even though I've been using it as my knitting bag. Oops!