Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The plus side to working.

(this might be a stretch, but I'm really pushing to make myself see ALL the positives here)
I figured it out! After my first two pregnancies, I lounged around in sweat pants until my pre-pregnancy wear fit me again, but one of the plus sides to going back to work is that I don't fit in my non-maternity clothes, yet most of my maternity clothes are too big and sloppy. I need work-wear. That means I NEED to go shopping, right? Unfortunately I'm not a huge fan of it. Weird, I know. I do love new clothes to wear. I just don't enjoy trying to pick things out and I also hate getting all jazzed up to buy clothes and then finding out that nothing in the store fits me right. Plus, it is insanely hard to try clothes on while wearing a baby in the Moby and tripping over two kiddos. The last few times I've bought clothes (not any time recently, mind you) I avoided that situation all together and just ordered online with the knowledge that I could try it on in the comfort of my wn bedroom and just send back/exchange whatever didn't work out. Somehow, that seems easier to me and more enjoyable to me. But, staying true to my 12 in 2012 goals, I decided I need to either sew up some wardrobe fixes or go to a thrift store. Then the big storm came, and I decided shopping for clothes wasn't important right now so I put the idea aside. Then, since the big storm came, I decided I should get my little man Maximus some snow pants and Goodwill seemed like the place to look. While we were there I thought maybe I should swing through the women's section. I was in luck!! TWO pairs of pants that looked brand new and were in what I guessed my size might be, and when I got them home they fit perfectly! Woo-hoo to not wearing maternity pants to work. Hehe. Also, Mad scored three pairs of pants (one with the store tags still on them) and Maximus got a great little outfit, but they were fresh outta snow pants. Bummer. Anyway, add in the two books we grabbed to entertain Max while we shopped and we were outta there for just under $30. What a deal. I feel like a secret to be successful in a thrift store is going in without specifics in mind. This is hard for me, but I'm hoping to get lots of practice throughout the year. ;)

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