Monday, May 17, 2010

more spring sewing!

my husband bought me this book a few months ago, and i finally got around to making one of the patterns from it.

i sewed the "boy shorts," hoping they would fit maximus, but they turned out pretty big. maxi will probably be able to wear them next spring, or maybe even this fall, the rate he's been growing!

luckily, madelynn thinks they are pretty hip.

i used some leftover elvis fabric for the lining.

this is by far the most detailed pattern i have sewed thus far, and i had a lot of fun, though it was pretty time consuming.

but they are perfect for playing in, and the lining makes the pockets sturdy enough to hold sidewalk chalk and bugs... you know, the usual.

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  1. Those are really cute!!

    Thanks for stopping by & commenting! I will definitely share the table when it's finished!