Wednesday, June 17, 2009

this and that...

Pardon me for not posting any updates for awhile. I've been up to no good... mostly knitting...

And making granola.
(A lovely addition to homemade yogurt.
Also yummy to eat by the handfuls while sipping a mug of coffee.)

And comparing the color of my toenail polish to the roses.
(An exact match!!)

And gardening with Madee.
(Please excuse all the weeds. Note that my style of gardening is mostly just admiring the real flowers that accidently survive among the weeds.)Hey, speaking of gardening... remember my little seedlings that I was so proud of in previous posts? Remember me saying how Madelynn helped me plant them all with tender love and care? Remember that they were doing so well in my house? Remember my excitement when I finally put them into the ground?
Well, they died. Dead. All of them.

Ok, almost all of them--yay! for the cucumbers and squash.
(though they are looking quite flimsy and small, aren't they?)

Feeling rather pathetic about my gardening flop, I whined to my mother about how I would have no tomatoes to can this year--which I had been looking forward to ever since I made my canning debut last year with jam and pears and applesauce. And so, (probably just to shut me up) my wonderful parents came home from Costco last week bearing beautiful gifts.

They brought me these fantastic heirloom tomatoes, peppers, and winter squash. Plants which are already much bigger and slightly less delicate than my originals. Then, to top it off, my stepdad let me use his very own garden cages to protect my precious green babes from the neighbors' pesky (or is it "pesky neighbors'"?) cats. Let's hope I can keep these beauties alive!!


  1. Lest anyone begin to think our motives were entirely pure, I'll confess... we benefit SO MUCH from you having quality ingredients with which to work your culinary magic! So, we bring you plants. Your granola really makes my heart happy... all the way back to some of the best childhood memories!

  2. was the color matching an accident? the granola looks good!

  3. yummmm... it's so good to be back in the neighborhood so maybe I can benefit too eh? Loving the apartment and the view will post pics tomorrow after my first "work day"
    the mother in law

  4. yes, of course you can benefit from the loveliness of my garden. we are so happy to have you guys back in the neighborhood, and not just for the purposes of baby-wrangling... errr, quality grandma time. we just missed you!!