Tuesday, June 2, 2009

lots of stuff a brewin'.

Some lovely things are happening at my house these days, and I wish I had pictures to share. I learned how to make whole wheat sourdough starter and will get to bake my first loaf in a few days (I'll post recipes later), I whipped out my old Brother sewing machine and threw this skirt together for Madelynn (thanks for directing me to the pattern, Echo!), and the garden has some things that are finally growing. However, being the novice that I am when it comes to gardening, I forgot to mark where I planted everything. It will be neat to discover what I have that is actually growing when and if my darling little seedlings begin to bear fruit.

We are also enjoying the fact that Mama Rhondi is in town. Thank goodness, too... She helped me everytime my doggone sewing machine screwed up. I think I'm already beginning to develop a love-hate relationship with my Brother.

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