Friday, March 27, 2009


So I recently had a slight flare-up of my Crohn's... my first true-to-Crohn's flare-up, so I can no longer trick myself into believing that maybe I was misdiagnosed... as if biopsies lie. Anyway, after spending an evening in the ER on pain meds and starting prednisone again--yuck!! I have decided to do some research so that my having Crohn's doesn't start a pattern of spending my family's already limited funds on a bunch of medical junk for me (a large source of mom guilt). I found a book about a very interesting, though very strict (not my style!!) diet, it is called the selective carbs diet or SCD, and it includes cutting out nearly all carbs--you're onto something Mama Rhondi! :)--and places a lot of importance on making your own probiotic-intensive yogurt and yogurt cheese. I still have to do more research before I decide how well I could follow this diet, and how logical it will be to try while feeding a toddler and breastfeeding an infant, but I think I could at least make parts of it work! At least I am excited to learn to make my own yogurt!!

So... I'm open to any tips I might receive about eating this way, and hopefully I'll buy my book about it soon, so I can continue to be educated about how to be healthy and stay healthy (and off medications!).


  1. ahem.... next time have someone call me and let me know whats going on.... welcome to my low carb world. it's not so bad really. keep me posted
    The mom in law

  2. oh, i didn't want to bug you... but calls will happen from now on. yeah, we'll see how well it goes. i don't think i can be as low-carb as you, but we'll see. :)
    love ya!