Wednesday, June 29, 2011

easiest dress ever!

 I scored a couple of great thrifted pillow cases a few shopping trips ago for a buck each and recently decided it was time to try some pillowcase dresses for Mad. There are some great tutorials out there, but nothing that was quite what I envisioned. So, I simply cut about 4 inches off each pillowcase on the closed side, made a rolled hem, and used elastic thread to do about 8 rows of shirring a little over a quarter inch apart. The 4 inches I cut off the top left me with the perfect amount of fabric to make ties for the straps. Easy peasy! I didn't have quite enough elastic thread to finish the striped one, but that I'm hoping that that king size pillow case will be like a maxi dress on my girl.

Wanna give it a try? Just go find a pillowcase that will be long enough for your girlie and get to work. Here is a tutorial specifically for shirring with elastic thread, and here is a tutorial for an entirely different project (which I must make soon!) that also has some helpful tips for shirring. 
Have fun!



  1. Adorable! I've done the type that scrunches with a ribbon at the top that also ties on each shoulder ads straps, but I must try this too!

  2. I've made one for my niece. I did the ribbon through the hems in front and back and tying it on the shoulders method. The part I cut off, I turned into bloomers. I cut leg holes and hemmed them with elastic and added elastic to the waist. I love your version though! Will have to do some for Missy Moo. I've seen Mommy tops using the same idea...

  3. Thank you! Yes, I've seen many of the tutorials using ribbon ties through the hems, and they are so cute! I was going to give one of them a try, but then figured I needed something a little different for my almost-kindergartner. I also needed an excuse to practice shirring. ;)