Friday, April 23, 2010

grumpy mornings.

although i wish everyone always woke up in my house on the right side of the bed, i kind of think its hilarious when madelynn has grumpy mornings--and i can also relate to her, being someone who needs to fully be awake and enjoying a latte before having the ability to engage in pleasant conversation, myself. anyway, this is how our conversation went this morning, after she comes out of MY room and slams the door. "good morning, madelynn. would you like some oatmeal with raisins for breakfast?" "YES! but first i want dessert, while i wait." i can tell she is already on the edge of a major breakdown, so i decide not to put too much emphasis on the fact that dessert does not come before breakfast in this house, and instead replied with, "oh, would you like some toast while you wait for oatmeal and raisins?" "but you said i could have oatmeal and SUGAR!" at this time, i just got up and went to the kitchen to make breakfast and then i hear, in a near panic, "MOMMY! WAIT!! you forgot to scratch my back!!!" oh dear, yes... how could anyone possibly wake up happy if they don't have their back scratched?! it heals all, i tell ya. from grumpy mornings, to nightmares.

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