Wednesday, January 6, 2010

time flies!

wow! i can't believe it's been so long since i've posted. here's a quick(ish) update. christmas was great, would have been better if madelynn wasn't sick, but we still had a nice time with family, and the kiddos humored me by playing with their patchwork balloon balls (photos to come), knitted mittens, and of course, the stuff that santa brought.

maximus is walking! it's blowing my mind. he's also saying a few words already. he says 'hello', 'dog' and 'ball'. maybe it's not clear to everyone, but his mommy definitely knows what he's saying.

madelynn has started "preschool." it's actually daycare at the college i'm going to, but we say it's school. she likes it better that way. plus, she only goes for a couple of hours each day, so really it's more like preschool.

i'm going back to school... again! i forgot madelynn was even on the waiting list for the daycare, because it has been so long (a whole year!!) since i put her on it. when the college called to inform me, it was less than a week before the beginning of the quarter, but i decided to go with it and pretend like it was planned all along. i somehow managed to still get into the classes i wanted, with only a day to spare, so i figure it was meant to be.

karl's band has a tour scheduled (pretty much) for march, and we are full of anticipation for what kind of glorious events that might lead up to (i like to keep it optimistic). it's going to be a big change from the mr. mom role he's been playing around here lately. i'm am so happy and proud of him. it's so exciting to watch somebody that you love not only dream big, but also to have the balls to take a few leaps of faith and apply a lot of elbow grease in order to make those dreams come true.

love. peace.

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