Wednesday, December 2, 2009

handmade christmas:: the stockings.

here they are! i'm so happy with how they turned out. in order of appearance: karl's, madelynn's, mine, and maximus'. max's is done in a cute santa toile. it's much more manly than it looks in the picture.
i have yet to finish all the names, but they'll look like this.


  1. i want to make some i better get my self a sewing machine! I like the writing are you using a stencil, or iron on?

  2. i just noticed the curled toe hehe it will jingle!

  3. i made a stencil using curlz font in word. you could always move closer and use mine or your mom's. :)

  4. so crafty!...Yeah that is true we may move to the area depending on how this whole shop thing works or does not work! but it will most likely work so then you have to move in with me into a house + apartment so then i can steal yours lol