Thursday, October 1, 2009

where has this been all my life?!

my only experience with wallpaper was in second grade. my teacher had a stash of tacky wallpaper samples we were allowed to cut up and glue to things for arts and crafts. also, whenever i see wallpaper on tv, it is usually on those home makeover shows where people are painstakingly and usually unsuccessfully trying to shred it off their walls. however, laying in bed tonight, i found i couldn't sleep because visions of wallpaper were dancing around in my head. i really want to make my kid's framed silhouette pictures backed with pretty wallpaper. weird? maybe. but i think it will be cute. so, here i am, online WAY too late looking at wallpaper designs. and here. is. what. i see. i think i am falling in love. aren't all those designs too cute for words? i see them fitting into a nursery in the future house of my dreams--i raise my kids peter pan style, all shoved in one room. call it a nursery. it sounds better than "all shoved in one room."

alright. now you all see my new obsession. don't judge me. i'm going to bed. :)


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  1. My favorite is the Peter Pan----I LOVE it!!! I think there's an art project similar to what you're describing in the new Martha Stewart craft book. My sister has it, and it's chalk-full of rad projects. Look on her website online, or I'll bring the book to our next knitting night.