Wednesday, February 25, 2009

knitting for babes...

I'm happy to say that I--a very 'green' knitter--have gained enough confidence in my knitting to begin knitting for babes! There are a lot of them coming this year, mine was the first (Maximus 1/14), next is coming baby Eli (tomorrow!!), then baby Catelynn (July), and finally will be Annie's baby (August). I've been on the lookout for unique (but simple) baby patterns, and scrumptious baby-worthy yarns, and I think I have a pretty successful start. Baby Catelynn's fair-isle baby kimono is nearly halfway finished, and I have a sweet pattern picked out for Annie's babe. It turns out knitting for baby girls is easier than for baby boys... and I'm convinced Annie is having a girl, though I'll probably find out later tonight that I am wrong. We'll see. I will post pictures of my progress (in hopes that will provide some sort of accountability for finishing) as soon as I find where Madelynn decided to store my camera. :)

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